Welcome to one of Australia's most reliable long running liquid production and packaging companies. This company has been successfully established for 25 years. X-Packaging is also one of the very few companies today that still prides on quality for money and long term commitment.

Do you have a vision or even just an idea? thats all you need to get started. Here at X-Packaging, we have an amazing chemical engineer who can make the product that you need. He has made several products that you probably walk past everyday in the shopping malls. You may even have some of them in your cupboard as we speak.

That's what we want to achieve for you also. We want your company's name to be on every commercial client or house holds lips. Making you the next house hold/commercial name to rave about.
Here at X-Packaging we can help to bring together an entire package for your product, including the label and bottle style you require to suit your needs. This then gives you a master piece ready for mass production and market domination, which of course we can mass produce for you.  We intend to help you achieve your goals and become even more successful in business.